Maximize Your Profitability.

96% of companies miss the mark. Let us help.

Set Correct Targets

There is a correct ROAS to be targeting each month to maximize scale and profitability. Finding that number requires algorithms, derivatives and calculus.

We've solved that equation so you don't have to.

Use the Fates Marketing Model tool to discover your ideal ROAS + Spend Goals for maximal growth and profitability.




Understand Your Business

Great execution with bad planning leads to bad results.  Get your whole team onboard with a precise 6 - 12 month profitability plan.

Model 100+ scenarios on how small changes to average basket size, COGs and external fees have big effects to your profitability.

(Your finance team will love you).

Map seasonality to maximize profitability in the high season and minimize drops in the low season.

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